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  • Senareo Cloud EM for complex multi-location crisis exercises.
  • Share information across sites during Crisis & Emergency Management exercises using the sophisticated Senareo Cloud EM communications system.
  • Run technical DR exercises where information is shared between data center teams and the incident command center.
  • Senareo Cloud EM is also perfect for simple exercises such as BCP plan walkthrough, workshops and interactive training sessions.
  • Save time developing exercises with the free scenario templates available with your subscription or create your own to use again.
  • Based on a best practice approach using functionality covered in the BS ISO 22301, 22313, 22398 and NIST SP800-84.
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Senareo Cloud EM - BCM Exercise Management in the Cloud

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New Zealand University use Senareo Cloud EM to conduct pandemic BCP Exercise

Auckland University use Senareo Cloud EM to conduct pandemic BCP Exercise

A contaminated water supply had been blamed for a mass outbreak of gastroenteritis that had closed all the schools in the New Zealand town of Havelock, senior management was concerned how this infection could impact the University if the infection spread to Auckland. Particularly, they wanted to know how resilient departments were if key people developed the sickness.

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