Essential Elements of Crisis Management Team Formation and Functionality

In crisis management training, it’s crucial to carefully choose the right people with the right skills. This happens when forming a Crisis Management Team (CMT), which needs to have authority, knowledge, and experience for effective teamwork.

To make this happen, we’ve outlined 7 key areas to focus on:

  1. Quick Decision Making: The CMT should be able to analyze urgent situations and decide on the best options together. They use tools like diagrams and matrices to assess risks and benefits. Decisions can be made by polling or consensus.
  2. Teamwork: CMT members must work together to spot threats, evaluate options, and make decisions. Conflict resolution skills matter. Proper team selection, training, and past crisis experience help with collaboration.
  3. Talking to Stakeholders: Effective communication with stakeholders is vital. The CMT analyses stakeholder needs, creates tailored solutions, and uses various communication channels like email, social media, and phone calls.
  4. Handling Risks and Plans: The CMT identifies risks and creates plans to deal with them. They focus on worst-case scenarios and short, medium, and long-term risks.
  5. Supporting People: CMT helps staff and contractors address their physical and emotional needs during crises.
  6. Being Flexible and Strong: The CMT should have backup members, work remotely, and create multi-tiered teams. This flexibility helps them handle different situations effectively.
  7. Decision-Making Authority and Policy: The CMT’s authority comes from a Crisis Management Policy endorsed by the organization’s management or policy committee. The policy defines roles, responsibilities, and decision-making boundaries.

The CMT needs ongoing training, learning from past crises, and regular equipment testing. Financial support is also crucial to ensure they are prepared to manage crises. To learn more about CMTs, sign up for our “Crisis Management for Business” course.

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