Testing your BCP and Crisis mobile applications using Senareo Cloud

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There are a number of well respected third party software products that deliver business continuity plans, communications and role cards on a mobile device.

With Senareo Cloud we believe we provide the best tool for exercising those applications. This is because an exercise scenario can be delivered with Senareo Cloud to test remote communications as part of a coordinated multi location exercise response.

Why does this matter? It matters because business continuity applications running from a mobile device rely on remote communications as a key element of their value proposition. If not, you may as well keep your plans in hard copy, in a pdf or set up a password protected web site that all team members can access.

Senareo Cloud frees up your exercise delivery team from having to be located close together, in order to coordinate the issuing of information to exercise participants. You can create incidents and set performance objectives, to test and report on the capability of third party BCP mobile applications.

This is important in ensuring the applications are able to support the organisation in a real disruption event. It also allows BCM managers to justify to senior management the investment made in their third party BCP mobile applications.

In summary, Senareo Cloud is an effective way for organisations to test more complex scenarios that include remote use of third party BCP role based mobile applications.

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