Flexibility and reduced overhead in developing and delivering BCM exercises with Senareo Cloud

Mobile BCM exercises

Senareo Cloud was born out of a need for more flexibility and reduced overhead in developing and delivering BCM exercises. Time is money, and unless you can retain the IP from previous exercises, then you are wasting both.

Having developed and run exercises for the past 11 years, I decided there had to be an easier way to accomplish this than by regurgitating exercises scripted and delivered on paper, usually with the help of excel and word.

Initially, we created Senareo Desktop; a standalone PC based system that generated the exercise master events list, all the associated documentation, and stored the results in a database library. This proved useful, because now changes could be made quickly and without the need for word and excel. It improved our productivity, saved time, and was great at rapidly building simulation exercises focused on a single control room.

But controlling exercises with multiple teams, operating from different control rooms or even in different offices, was a problem without an army of support. Furthermore, if we wanted to change documentation during the exercise or quickly create new incidents and injects as the exercise progressed, it required additional printing and distribution to the various locations. Additionally, the task of collecting feedback through questionnaires and observer scores still had to be facilitated through emails, document or online surveys. In some cases the results never came back.

Senareo Cloud is the answer to our problems. It is available at any location, as it is operated from the cloud, it requires no paper, and can accommodate simple to very complex exercises. It has a template builder so we can build an exercise scenario once and generate it many times. The issue of collecting feedback is also simplified, because all participants have access to questionnaires from their mobile devices. From this, we can create pie charts from the results and can download the charts for inclusion in executive reports.

This is just the tip of the Senareo Cloud iceberg, so contact us for more information.

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