Moving from Desktop applications to SaaS

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Clearly over the years, MS Access has been a popular solution for business to get fast and timely process automation especially given that IT development costs for larger software implementations can be inhibitive.

Trouble is the proliferation of these applications has resulted in high-value IP being locked away while creating the very real a risk of the IP being marched out of the door, (security).

Consequently some organizations have moved to migrate the data portion of access to SQL server, but that still left the app sitting on the desktop and reliant on paper as a method of communication with other staff.

A migration to the cloud would immediately create mobility, enabling applications to run in a browser on a laptop, tablet or phone. In turn, this has the potential to improve productivity and to reduce the need for PCs to those power users. More occasional consumers of data could then use Tablet and Phone, again reducing software and hardware costs. This is enhanced if the devices are BYOD and you’re looking at moving to paperless apps to reduce printer and printing costs and even to restrict data access to only those authorized to see it. Of course in the cloud, all users would be registered with their own login incorporating access control.

Cloud doesn’t have to involve the replacement of the whole application initially, as you can see from a demo I did a couple of years ago. In the demo, I show how you can retain major parts of the Access application, migrating parts of the desktop app to mobile for people working on internal or external wireless.

If you take that one step further, we can migrate legacy apps to public as opposed to private cloud and then provide the applications back to the organization as a Software as a service.

Senareo Desktop is a powerful Access desktop tool that allowed me to facilitate business continuity crisis training and exercise programmes, so re-engineering it for Software as a Service was a priority.

After many months of searching and evaluation for the best possible platform to use as a development environment , in mid-2013 we made the decision to move to the Alpha Anywhere framework, a complete front end to back end development environment with powerful database integration.

I am thrilled with the result; it has delivered exactly what I wanted and the ongoing product development from Alpha means that we can stay ahead of the game in terms of delivering productivity and flexibility into our service.

If you are interested in converting an existing Access database to SaaS or looking at developing something new, email me now to discuss your options.