Getting your MS Access data on web and mobile

Getting your MS Access data on web and mobile

MS Access has been valuable in filling a gap in business functionality.

Many organisations have had a considerable investment in desktop applications built with Microsoft Access. In general MS Access has been successful in filling the void between excel spreadsheets and the most expensive options of enterprise server applications developed by IT departments and third party providers.

Developers, in general, were members of a department with super users building forms and reports for themselves and their co-workers because the functionality wasn’t already available in the organisations enterprise systems. In some cases, the IP invested in a few of these MS Access applications has over time made them almost irreplaceable.

The demand from users to manage data on mobile devices is disrupting the Desktop model

But now organisations are increasingly demanding access to this valuable data in the cloud and on mobile devices. So how are they going to rebuild the functionality invested in their Access applications without investing considerable time, effort and money into redevelopment process?

Alternatively do they leave them on Access or retire them all together?

The fastest way to get migrate your Ms Access applications to Web and Mobile

We’ve been through this process ourselves, moving large MS Access applications from the desktop to run on web or mobile inside a company’s firewall, or on their private wireless system, or in the cloud and be accessible in the browser, or deployed natively on a phone or tablet.

There is no product capable of achieving this transition quite like Alpha Anywhere and we can help you deliver this same functionality for your legacy MS Access databases.

Let us help you

We can offer local training support here on the Gold Coast for your Alpha Anywhere projects or manage and develop the whole solution from end to end.

You can download Alpha Anywhere free for 30 days.

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