1. Introduction to Crisis Management

What you will learn

We focus on developing an understanding of what a CRISIS means for a business, how a crisis develops, and the people, processes, and tools needed to respond to it.
We explain the relationship between the Crisis Management Team and other recovery teams involved in a crisis situation, such as, Emergency Response, IT Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity plans.

We show how and why it’s important that executives act quickly to reach a decision when declaring at what point an incident becomes a crisis. And, we detail the tools and processes to quickly implement a step-by-step crisis response process.

Why do this course ?

We take an initial look at the potential impacts it can have on reputation, relationships, finance, operations, and products and gain an understanding of what’s required to be able to contain or minimize these impacts.
With this knowledge, management, and executives will be better positioned to respond quickly and avoid the consequences of a delayed response.

By the end of this course, you will have the understanding to implement your own Crisis Management Procedures for your organization.

Suitable For

Managers responsible for implementing Crisis Management.
As a refresher for existing Crisis Management Team members.
For senior management and executives experiencing crisis management concepts for the first time.

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