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April Workshop POSTPONED until July 2017

Crisis Management 101 Workshop for Small Business

Crisis Management 101 - A workshop designed for small business

There's a difference between an emergency plan and successful crisis management.

Most businesses have a plan in case of an emergency. It's usually written collaboratively and tested at least once. Why does it so often go wrong?

The Australia Bureau of Statistics had a plan for census night. So, why are we still talking about it as a failure? The issue was resolved, so they must have followed the plan successfully, right? What didn't the plan account for?

Imagine this. Your business is attacked with ransomware. You follow the emergency plan. Your data is returned to you. Tomorrow, the headline reads that you had a security breach. All of your customers are in a panic, overloading your switchboard with angry calls. Your security is being questioned as well as your reputation. The new data breach notification law is in effect, and you didn't know about it, so you're facing legal action. Your CEO wasn't briefed because your IT Team wanted to cover it up - he gives a disastrous interview.

The emergency was over - but now you have a crisis.

Our workshop will arm you with the insight required to recognize the potential crisis in an emergency. We will guide you in updating your business processes to account for the bigger picture. We understand how this is particularly important for small business, dealing with fewer customers in a tight-knit community. We aim to share our experiences via running several role-play exercises, giving you the opportunity to consider the impacts from a different perspective.

Included in this course:

  • An introduction to crisis management vs emergency management
  • Learn how to identify a crisis and its impacts
  • Understand the process behind crisis response,
  • Workshop Notebook and
  • Role-play crisis exercises