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Business continuity exercise management in the cloud

Building business resilience year on year with regular testing

1. Building Organisational Resilience

Senareo Cloud is a flexible and easy to use cloud application that can be adapted to run just about any kind of BCM exercise. Designed for BCM managers without any in depth exercise experience, Senareo Cloud takes the headache out of planning and running Crisis & Emergency, Business Continuity or IT DR exercises.

Test your plans, test your back ups and test your processes with Senareo Cloud.

Low entry price point for one off exercises.

2. Mobile and paperless exercises

No paper needed, all information, images and video are distributed, presented and viewed on tablet and phone. Senareo Cloud is essentially 6 applications in one with separate menus for each defined user group including Exercise Administrator/Director, Facilitator, Actor, Observer, Player and Media Presenter.

A user group is associated with each Senareo Cloud user and can be changed easily by the Administrator. Each group has been designed to operate on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone depending on the user type.

3. Command and control

Run exercises from anywhere, no need to be tied to desktop computers or to a single command centre. Run your exercises with involvement of teams across multiple sites or offices using Senareo Cloud.

We can deliver messages to exercise participants indirectly by sending instructions to third party actors or directly via push notifications, Email or SMS directly to their mobile phone. When using our own push notifications technology we can also include links to images and video in support of the exercise script.

4. Template Building

Use our “Build Once Use Many” template builders to create exercises that can be re-used again and again reducing the costs of preparing future exercises. We also have templates that allow you to build reusable house rules, check-lists and participant questionnaires.

Once you’ve built an Exercise Scenario template it can be re-used again and again reducing the costs of preparing future exercises.

5. Interactive reports and charting

With Senareo Cloud, you have the unique opportunity to gather questionnaire results and observer assessments online, in real-time, during an exercise, using your own customized templates and score ratings.

See evaluation results come in from Observers and Participants as they happen.

Observations are critical in establishing the capability of teams and plans and are a method of measuring improvement over time. In turn, this backs up the justification for running exercises in the first place, not simply as a means of keeping auditors happy. Executives are able to judge the value from the exercise against the cost of doing so based on sound and informed observations.

Together with participant questionnaire responses, they provide a rich source of information on which to continue improving the organisations resilience.

6. Security

Security is an important part of keeping details of the exercise confidential. Senareo Cloud includes its own built-in security framework requiring users to login using a user name and password.

The security credentials are created and sent to the user by the administrator who can change or remove them at any time. Senareo Cloud also includes SSL and HMAC data security.

7. Cloud Hosting

We can offer you a range of Cloud hosting subscription options or you can purchase a license to run Senareo Cloud inside your own firewall using your own wireless networks. Our aim is to provide the best option to fit in with your usage and security requirements.

Contact us directly to discuss your particular needs.

Senareo Cloud Screen Shots