8 Tips to Consider When Developing Your Exercise Scenarios.

8 Tips to Consider when Developing Your Exercise Scenarios.

Templates are the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way of building your BCM exercises

Senareo Cloud EM provides a comprehensive exercise management framework incorporating templates to build scenario playbooks, post exercise surveys and exercise planning To Do lists. Templates provide a blueprint for creating exercises using a standardized format, making it easier to reuse the content as many times as you like, reducing development cost, while creating a wide variety of scenarios based on different presentation methods, delivery options and media types.

Here are a few points you might want to consider when developing your exercise scenarios:

  1. Make sure the exercise flows and is easy to navigate for the participants, observers and facilitators.
  2. Select the optimum number of Events, Incidents and Injects to illicit the required response in the time available.
  3. Ensure you obtain the right balance when presenting information between the media format and the value it provides in communicating the information. In other words take care not to over invest in the medium of delivery rather than the content.
  4. Try to minimize mistakes and glitches in the live exercise by running rehearsals and proof reading content.
  5. Ensure you have tested all props being used in the exercise including projectors, PCs, cameras, Email addresses, Wireless, SMS, Audio and Voice systems etc.
  6. Try to make sure there are adequate numbers of optional injects to cater for the variety of choices teams of players might make. Optional injects help ensure the exercise is brought back on track if teams start to deviate from the scenario.
  7. Never create exercise scenarios that are too complicated to create and use.
  8. Try to ensure evaluation criteria are cross referenced with the procedures and plans being relied upon by the players. This will help in developing recommendations for improvement in the post exercise debrief.

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