Crisis Management Training for Business

Build resilience Through Regular testing

Spending time and money on creating response plans is wasted if teams and staff are not trained, and plans are not tested. Implementing a regular training & simulation testing program will deliver valuable feedback and present new solutions for an ever evolving business landscape.,


TeamDocs is a custom-made suite of web applictations specifically tailored for Uplanit consultants to deliver crisis training and simulation exercises for complex multi-location exercises. TeamDocs also provides customers with on-going crisis managment functions and procedures for ongoing self-managed efficiency.


Keep all your response plans in the cloud and allow access to the right people, at the right location and at the right time.


A  complete cloud based exercise management tool for business continuity practitioners. 


A comprehensive application environment to manage the crisis command centre including real time feed back to the command centre dashboard.

Why Choose Us

Experience | Technology | Innovation

We have 30+ years of senior management consulting experience working with private & publically listed companies in Australia, NZ, U.K., U.S., and S.E. Asia.

Using our extensive background in IT, IT disaster recovery and business continuity programmes and working with best practice standards such as ISO and NIST, we have created and designed a framework for crisis management team training.

Our purpose built cloud application TeamDocs helps us to facilitate challenging, interesting and interactive crisis simulation exercises getting results and feedback to our clients more quickly.